Coming from a family of classical musicians, Manel Barcons began his training as a luthier in various workshops of the Catalan school of guitar builders and after completed his studies in the classical school of Madrid and he adopt their method.

After more than five years of learning and two more years of practicing the craft of the guitars handmade building in various workshops, in 1998 he developed his professional experience as a guitar builder in his own studio where he combines the
handmade construction of guitar, made from a demanding selection of the wood and a work exclusively manual including in the process of painting (shellac), with the restoration of various types of stringed instruments.

Since 2001 collaborates with the Museu de la Música of Barcelona in restoration work - conservation of the instruments collection. From 2003 is part of the museum staff as assistant in conservation and restoration.
fotografies: Eva Corbella
disseny: Anna Torné